Monthly Column in First City Magazine, New Delhi

As part of the Power of Seeing Project, the founder and managing trustee of Studio Abhyas, Navtej Johar, wrote a monthly column in First City, a Delhi-centric magazine (from February 2008 – March 2009) in which, each month, he focused on one category of street-elements that might directly or indirectly effect the quality of our urban living. 

Power of Seeing’ Articles
in First City Magazine:

Studio Abhyas, a Delhi-based NGO, has launched an urban design project called the Power of Seeing. The project is a means to make the citizens, particularly the young, proactive towards their immediate environment and find effective ways to eliminate the chaos that surrounds us in most of our Indian cities. As part of the project, Navtej Johar, the founder and managing trustee of Studio Abhyas, writes a monthly column in First City, a Delhi-centric magazine, in which each month he focuses on one factor that may be directly or indirectly leading to chaos on our streets.

February 2008 : Body in the City

March 2008 : Let them Drive – Erasing the Pedestrian

April 2008: Urban Biographies : Story of a Manhole

May 2008: The Ground Below

June 2008: Hemming the Way: Our Un-tethered Pavements

July 2008: Mind the Gap: Tool Apathy and the Lack of Definition on Our Roads

August 2008: Circle in the Square: The Maladjusted Manhole

September 2008: Malba Nagar, Rubble Puri, New Delhi

October 2008: Amenities Outlawed!

November 2008: I am Not Entitled and Neither are You – So Get Over It!

December 2008: Join the Dots: A Lesson in Commitment!

January 2009: Kisi Ka Ooncha Kisi Ka Kam

February 2009: A Beacon or a Stick in the Mud?

March 2009: The Gandi Nali: an Equalising Force

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