Between the Eye and the Cup

By Gia Singh Arora

Lecture on Rasa by Mrinal Kaul

Does ‘aesthetic relishing’ mean ‘self-reflecting’ and ‘self-recognition’ according to Abhinavagupta?

What is the ontology of aesthetic experience for Abhinavagupta?

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Casual notes from Indian Poetics Course

By Maitrika Kumari Rathore

Why I refused to be pretty…

By Priyanka Chandrasekhar

Intimate Words

By Bárbara Malavoglia, July, 2020

Can our bodies become present and available to the other? If so, how is it possible?

Somatics is about sensing what is inside and yet here, I realise that Somatics goes beyond the very base it stands upon. It allows me to not only to listen to my own desires (something I am slowly getting bored of), but to understand an embodied engagement that puts me in conversation with and in relation to, that which cannot be seen with our eyes. I find the power and permission to look into the place where space is empty, unseen and un-representable. Can you sense the empty space around you? In between your fingers? In the small space between your palms?

 By Gia Singh Arora

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The power and promise of the flip-word “vulgar”

By Navtej Johar

A summary of Indian Poetics Course – Part 1

By Mridupankhi Rajkumari

Remembering Phillip Zarrilli: director, actor, actor-trainer, author and pedagogue.

Navtej Johar

Escaping Strain: Finding Where the Body Yields, and is Yielded To?

Pourvaja Ganesh

Three types of effort in Yoga

Navtej Johar

Hips with no strings attached

By Mridula Rao

Can a training in bodily sensitivity deepen the experience of one’s own life?

How can we work with our bodies to re-orient ourselves to new ways of seeing, hearing and feeling?

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Negotiating dance with power: a short history of my body in movement and love

By Maitrika Kumari Rathore

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