It is a great difficulty and a great necessity to have to start with the smallest.

– Paul Klee




BARPS Method of Asana for Lower Back

A 10-week course developed & led by Navtej Johar
15 January to 18 March 2024
Every Monday, from 6:30 pm to 8 pm IST


BARPS Asana Practice and Sukh

BARPS as a promise

By – Karla Max Aschenbrenner

BARPS is not a practice, it is first and foremost - to use one of my favourite terms of Navtej Johar- a promise. A promise that it is possible to experience Sukh, for everybody, even for the hunch I am, a promise to balance the interplay of the three gunas and last not least a promise that the body is not alone.



BARPS and Writing Webinar

In this webinar, Harshita Bathwal and RuchiraTalukdar share their insights from their year-long engagement with the BARPS practice through the Teachers' Training Course.



A Course in Samkhya: Interplay between the elements, senses, attention and beyond

An eight-week online course taught by Navtej Johar



BARPS For Lower Back

BARPS for Lower Back: For the lower back to be relieved, the ribcage has to know buoyancy. Navtej Johar shares a short sequence to uplift the ribcage by using the principles of BARPS i.e. bracing, alignment, rotation, pause, and suspension.

Samkhya Course


Navtej Speaks on the 8-week Samkhya Course

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