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Abhyas means praxis, and it implies the practice of, by and with the body.

Embodied-practice involves putting the body through guided-motion—incorporating stillness, observation and engagement. In a way, it is about facilitating wishful-awareness to forge its way through the veins in search of that next “just-right” shape in space; realising that “just-right” equation between movement and pause; between the inhale and the exhale; and for the eye to idly rest “just-there” in space both to “see” and divulge. Finetuning not only the convergence of body and/in space, but also poising the body, ever-in-the-moment, “just-right” between the inner and the outer.

The practice is, thus, one of simultaneously guided and intuited movement that may be gentle or rigorous, dynamic or static, both voluntary and involuntary, with the just-right degree of extension and retraction, i.e. well-knotted or sangathit; finely calibrated to push from the inside or be propelled by a beckoning-space within the body, equally given unto gravity and buoyancy. Ever testing and teasing the satisfying-elasticity within the shape, the breath, and the gaze. One of the primary aims of praxis at Studio Abhyas is to foster the clarity and the confidence (adhikaar) in the practitioner to self-gauge and administer that sense “just-rightness”, while being guided by the criteria of satisfaction.

Above all, praxis at Studio Abhyas necessarily includes the after-math of practice, i.e. the sweet satisfaction that emerges out of the body and self in the wake of a mindful practice; in that fallow time-space when the practitioner becomes a willing recipient to the after-effects of a mindful practice. In fact, the purpose of this praxis is to make the practitioners both accepting and appreciative of this yield of after-effects; making them not only masters of their own practice but also worthy farmers of after-effects.

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