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TKV Desikachr
Desikachar Sir at Studio Abhyas, 2004 flanked by left to right – Stella Thomas, Monika Chanda, Navtej Johar & Sunil Mehra

The master of ‘yoga for the moment’

By Navtej Johar

A tribute to Desikachar’s approach that protected yoga from fundamentalism.

An engineer by profession Sri TKV Desikachr (1938-2016) decided to  instead devote his life to yoga after he saw his father, the legendary Sri T Krishnamacharya (1888-1989), help sick people.   It was the recognition of yoga being a tool of health and healing that prompted that shift, and in time made the elimination of suffering central to his lifelong quest. Desikachar was neither into impressing the world with fanciful ancient philosophies nor extraordinary feats of asana.  “I have discovered through yoga that there is something called heart” he said, and it was with the simplicity of his heart that he attended. He did not project the idea of yoga upon those who came to him for therapy, but instead observed and listened to them with childlike receptivity while he attuned himself to not only their condition but also their social and cultural context.

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