Navtej Johar is a practitioner and master-teacher of yoga in the lineage of Sri T Krishnamacharyaand Sri TKV Desikachar. A long time student and a close associate of the KYM (Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai) he is certified by the KHYF (Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation) as well as holds the Grand Parent Certification (500 hours) from the Yoga Alliance, USA.  Firmly grounded in the KYM tradition he has over two decades of teaching experience in the USA. His teaching can range from being challenging to gentle and meditative; his detailed instruction in asana, pranayama and meditation also incorporates mantra, Vedic chanting, visualization along with traditional techniques of nyasa and mudra. Being an exponent of Bharatanatyam (classical Indian dance), his style has an added element of flow and precision. Adept in teaching the classical texts, namely The Yoga Sutra-s of Patanjali, Yoga Rahasya by Nathamuni, Hatha Yoga Pradipikaby Svatmarama, and the Yogayajnavalkya Samhita, Johar’s approach is both adaptive and creative. He freely draws from his pool of experience both as a dancer and a yoga practitioner to devise practices that are pertinent, self-reflective and suited to the requirements and capabilities of each individual practitioner. 

Also a Yoga Therapist with longstanding experience, Johar offers therapeutic practices for individuals ailing from both physical and psychological disorders. Apart from offering treatment, he is also offering training in Yoga Therapy at the Therapy Wing of Studio Abhyas. Yoga Therapy necessarily involves a carefully devised practice for the individual that includes modified asana and prescribed pranayama tailored to the requirement of the individual; as per the teachings of the Yoga Sutras which clearly locates the origin of disease or disorder in the mind, therapy also necessarily includes a personalized meditative practice that could include visualization, affirmation, mantra, nyasa, mudra as well as rigorous self-study.  


Monica Chand received her training in the Krishnamacharya tradition of yoga under Navtej Johar at Studio Abhyas and also trained in Yoga Therapy from the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai. She is also trained in Hatha Yoga and is a certified Pranic Healer. She has been training and teaching for the past 8 years and now teaches Yoga for Children, Advanced Yoga for Adults, Pre and Post Natal Yoga and is consultant for Yoga Therapy at Studio Abhyas. Monica's classes are challenging and invigorating and involve detailed work on the body, breath and mind. In her experience, the emphasis on breath while doing the asanas; and the precise combination of breath, movement and sound can give the practitioner an experience which is both physical as well as spiritual, and can be truly transformative!


Sunaina Mathur
Sunaina joined Studio Abhyas in 2004 as a student, and found a practice that she instantly identified with as a way of life for herself . After some years with Abhyas, she was encouraged by Navtej to explore other aspects of yoga, and arrive at an experiential understanding of the KYM tradition.

She began teaching at Studio Abhyas in 2007. Since then, Sunaina has grown in her own understanding and practice of yoga, and has subsequently completed her Teachers' Training with KYM.

Sunaina's classes focus on working with the body, breath and mind as one comprehensive unit, and lay emphasis on breath, alignment and an internalised experience of the practice.

Lokesh Bharadwaj
Lokesh Bharadwaj is both a dancer and a yoga practitioner. He started studying yoga under Navtej Johar at Studio Abhyas in 2002 and has been teaching yoga since 2005. Lokesh’s practice is based on the Krishnamacharya/Desikachar school of yoga that lays equal emphasis on body, breath and mindfulness but also has the added dimension of athleticism as well as flow due to his dance training. His approach is very precise and focuses on skeletal alignment, muscular toning and strengthening, endurance building plus mindfulness. His classes are challenging however he carefully adapts the teaching to the needs of each individual student. An adept in Vedic chanting he freely uses mantra in his teaching. Currently enrolled in the Teachers Training Program offered by the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai, in conjunction with Studio Abhyas, at New Delhi, Lokesh teaches group and private yoga classes, offers yoga therapy sessions as well as conducts yoga workshops.



Sunil Mehra
Sunil Mehra, a senior journalist by profession, is one of the first students of Navtej Johar and a founding member of Studio Abhyas. He has been formally trained in the KYM tradition and been teaching yoga for the last 14 years. Apart from teaching at Studio Abhyas, Sunil offers private and group classes in Gurgaon and is on faculty with the SIES Program, New Delhi, where he teaches a Yoga Practice & Philosophy course to US University students enrolled in a study abroad program in India.

ArundhatiArundhati Katju

Arundhati took her first yoga class in 2002 and stumbled through many forms and classes before finding her teacher Navtej Johar. She loved the warmth and camaraderie between students at the Studio and also the thoughtfulness and depth of the teaching. Classes go beyond asana to incorporate breath, mindfulness, and theory, and she hopes to incorporate these elements in her own teaching. 

Arundhati also practices criminal law: the practice of law and the practice of yoga are perhaps exact opposites! To balance them both out, the aim of her practice is to reach a point of stillness and quiet, and to use that stillness as a barometer to measure one's internal condition.