Corporate Yoga

"Keep in Simple: Chair Yoga in Corporate Offices"

"How the Spine Works!" An Introductory Presentation at Infosys BPO, Gurgaon

Studio Abhyas
offers a specially designed workshop for corporate employees and executives, keeping in mind their hectic lifestyle and work pressures.

Our motto in designing the program is to "Keep it Simple!" We do not expect the participants to become acrobatic yogis, our aim is to offer them simple yogic exercises and easily applicable tools of breath and body awareness which can help counter stress, plus strengthen and align the body.

A healthy body/mind needs a happy spine! A happy spine is that which is relatively flexible and attached to a relaxed ribcage, a well toned abdomen, an open pelvis with flexible hips, well stretched limbs and alert extremities and which can lightly balance the weight of the head upon a flexible and strong neck.

The "Keep in Simple" workshop offers simple exercises in an easy-to-remember module, specially designed to methodically target each of the above mentioned areas with the aim to relax, condition, tone and strengthen the body. Alongside it offers simple breathing techniques to calm and center the mind!

The hour-and-half long workshop will comprise of presentation followed by a guided practice. The presentation is designed to explain the basic concepts of yoga, so that the instructions may be better comprehended and more effectively applied. The following practice session guided and supervised by a team of instructors includes a sequence of rejuvenating and relaxing exercises and techniques to calm and compose the mind. The session is designed to be conducted inside an office as most of the exercises can be done standing or while seated in office chairs, using walls and tables as props.

"Keep in Simple" can be offered as a one-of workshop or can even be offered as an ongoing chair-yoga class at the corporate premises.