The Abhyas Trust has a three pronged concern: to promote the teaching and practice of yoga; to facilitate experimentations with traditional and contemporary forms of dance; plus mobilize an urban design initiative with the aim to sensitize children and young adults vis-à-vis their immediate environment. Each activity has grown to further include a sub-category: Yoga incorporates Vedic chanting as a extension of pranayama; dance goes beyond its confines to include physical theater, and the urban design initiative also includes the care of stray animals. The diverse activities of the Trust are all inspired by the philosophy of yoga which apart from focusing upon the body-mind connection, clarity of thought and integrity of work also necessarily suggests a proactive and responsible interaction with society and the environment.



Yoga: To promote the practice, philosophy and teaching of yoga and Vedic chanting in the tradition of Sri T. Krishnamacharya and Sri T.K.V. Desikachar.

Dance-Theater: To promote research on the traditional forms of Indian performing arts; collaborations between diverse dance-forms and creative adaptations of traditional forms into contemporary dance-theater.

Urban Design: An initiative to mobilize children and young adults to become sensitive and proactive vis-à-vis their immediate environment as well as instill an eye for detail in them.

Stray Animals: To nurture, care and initiate adoption of stray animals.

Community Projects: To create a network of artists, dancers, actors, designers, musicians, writers, architects, photographers and filmmakers to collaborate on performance and design based community projects.

Resource Center: To create a resource centre that carries information and data on areas of yoga, dance, theatre, animal care, and issues pertaining to urban design