Sudeep Sen
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A response by Priti Desai, Mumbai

Dravya Kaya: I found drew different reactions from people. My sister found it monotonous, N found it too cerebral, S was very impressed,  M found it captivating both dance as well music- wise   nut she found the newspaper `valkal` jarring, could he not have used jute or alike?, and for me I thought it was totally   enchanting  and thought provoking.. The music-sans  mridangam or violin - was divine, just the human voice  at such  slow tempo touching  the nuance of sur to the fullest and the bols when sung had such musical resonance that  the fast tempo mridangam  somehow cannot give to our ears,  and the emotional appeal  of naad  was fully  explored. Dance was divine, as at such slow tempo it seemed like a sadhana of the body and each movement of be it eyes, face, fingers, feet was so distinctly delineated that the grammar of bharatnatyam was laid threadbare for the rasika. BRAVO, Navtej and his team- co-dancer Sudeep Kumar, and a very special THANKS to G Elangovan. It was to me a poem in slow motion, I could  feel and the  hear the music of  Naadbrahma and  see the  versatility  of dance that the human body  can portray. One searches for answers thru our own past and interpreting the reality now, for it did lead me to a lot of inner questioning- stones can build temples, churches and masjids, and a special stone diamond is now so flaunted as status symbol... From spiritual to material???

Wish we had a discussion afterwards for many queries that arose to my friends may have been resolved.

Have I gone ga ga ? Yes and no. The finale of vanarsena`s setu of stones gave them the divinity which geological time has given. The finale with one praying—namaskar—and the other between the stones bending and touching the earth reminded me of a namaaz where the Islamic faith too expresses the divinity of earth and life springing from it.  To me Babri took away our Sindhu originating culture by making it a scene of violence and intolerance.

Priti Desai (NCPA member, Mumbai)