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Select Articles by Navtej Johar

“The Body as Object of Mindful Observation”, The Press Reader, 2017:
“The Contemplative Spectator: Seeing as Mode of Stilling Mind”, Moving (Across) Borders: Performing Translation, Intervention, Participation, edited by Gabriele Brandstetter and Holger Hartung, Columbia University Press, 2017

“The Centrality of Caste: Dance and the Making of National Indian Identity”, IIC Quarterly - June 2016, New Delhi, India
Article 2016.pdf

“Tradition as an Archive Box: Locating Autonomy, De-Policing Ambition”, Tilt Pause Shift: Dance Ecologies in India, Edited by Anita Cherian, Tuilia Books, India 2016
“The Ramayana is Open to Interpretation”, The Speaking Tree, Times of India, 2016:
“The master of ‘yoga for the moment’”, The Hindu, 9th Aug, 2016,
“The Power of Seeing: Body, History and City”, The Ethics of Art: Ecological Turns in the Performing Arts, Ed: Guy Cools and Pascal Gielen, Valiz, 2014:
“How The Transformative Practice of Yoga has Gradually Drawn into the Politics of Identity Politics”, The Caravan, 2015:
“Why Yoga is Important to Me as a Dancer, as a Person”, The Wire, 6th June, 2015
“Physical Traditions as Continuity”, Lila foundation for Translocal Initiatives, 18th September, 2014:
“The State of Surrender”, The Speaking Tree, The Times of India, 2012,
“Framing the Fluid: Multiple perspectives on Bharatanatyam - philosophical historical, attitudinal, aesthetic and socio-cultural”, Asia Intangible Cultural Heritage Encyclopaedia, 2006:


Some Interviews with Navtej Johar

“Where Dance, Yoga and Urban Activism Meet”, Tishani Doshi, The Hindu, 2016:

Some body, speak up”, Anjana Rajan, The Hindu, Dec 2016:
“My orientation is different and that is no crime” Live Mint, 29th June, 2016,
Artist Talk with Navtej Johar, Ng Yi-Sheng, The O.P.E.N., SIFA, Singapore:
“Inspired Enquiry”, Anjana Rajan, The Hindu, New Delhi, June 18, 2015
Purush: The global dancing male, Tulsi Badrinath, 2013,
The body and things like that”, Anjana Rajan, The Hindu: 20th Jan, 2012:
“Sage or Artist”, Suparna-SaraswatiPuri, Harmony India-Celebrate Age, April, 2012:
Navtej Singh Johar: I plod my own path”, Lalitha Venkat, Narthaki, Chennai, Dec 6, 2008